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The testimonials below have been unchanged. We apreciate your integrity. Heal well and be happy.


Certifiend Prenatal Massage (New specialty!):


Hi! Well, we had a wonderful 75-minute sleep when you left! My mom was so happy to have her back pain let up top while you were here ? I noticed I was able to separate tension from pain - and more easily release tension. No teeth pain today, good sinus drainage! I really felt like you released tension patterns from even before I was pregnant, Nora slept better last night too - @2 hr stretches between eating. Thank you. It feels like the whole house and household relaxed and we all feel better. Sally F, Glenside PA


Thank you for your immense help. I feel so much better after just an hour. It was wonderful to receive such appropriate touch and effective release for my back and shoulders, surprisingly more effective than my yoga practice. I know I will be more patient with myself and everyone because I will feel beer physically so you are helping the whole family. I will definitely be back for more sessions. Christine, Phoenixville, PA.     


What a pleasant surprise to have such effective bodywork. I have had many massages but you are off the charts! Thank you for such effective and fun way to release and each me how to take better care of my body, mind and soul. You are a gem and so skilled! I look forward to working you in he future with body, energy work and growing spiritually. Amanda, Phoenixville, PA   


Activations. Classes and Empowerment Training:


I thoroughly enjoyed the metaphysics basics class and highly recommend it to all. It was a delightful surprise every week walking into class and seeing the color we would be exploring and connecting to, as it was not told to us beforehand. We used all our senses as well as meditation to connect with the vibration of each color. Never had I thought of using colors to shift my vibration on a conscious level. Initially, I was caught off-guard with how simple the concept for this class seemed, but thanks to this class and Ula I had a deeper experience than I could have imagined. She did an amazing job providing the necessary tools, as well creating and holding the space to achieve maximum benefit. I now have practical ways to shift my thoughts and how I approach life to more easily experience peace and create my desired reality. - Christopher A. Philadelphia, PA


I just did the Empower Thyself weekend seminar. I so wish I would have done this earlier in my life. I have done a lot of programs, from shamanism to counseling, and everything in between it seems like. This initiation has been able to take me from being uncertain on how to proceed, to walking the path. Ula gives you a grand tour of the universe and the rituals needed to go off on your own and make progress. For me, since I'm 55 years young, the class was a mix of some metaphysical information that I knew and some that I didn't have a clue about.But it’s the initiation that makes the class a solid foundation to build a spiritual path from. The energy that comes through for the initiation is palpable, seriously, I had a rash on my arm and another one of the initiates was itchy all over. This is just our body's way of allowing the new energy to break through our old energy patterns. I hesitated to get involved in a system like this because I have struggled to get my act together. But a lot of us, probably most of us, that are drawn to this spiritual path do so because of traumas to our lives that challenge us to find meaning. Ula, and her spiritual and mystical guides, are there for us, no matter what part of the journey we find ourselves. Dee W. Easton, PA


Although I have learned many wonderful, effective tools from the Modern Mystery School, I turn to Ula at times to hold space for me when I have wandered off of my track a bit and/or picked up and am carrying unwanted energy from the outside world.  The shift I experience is very powerful and I never leave her without feeling grounded and realigned.  I choose Ula not only for the power she owns, but for her gracious, warm manner, as well.  She is one of the most unique, caring humans I have had the pleasure of welcoming into my life.  Leslie S, Exton, PA


I highly recommend Ula for Life Activations, Healing Therapies and Courses! She gave me my Life Activation, I have experienced her healing hands, massage therapy and taken 3 courses with her. Ula's love and care of people and deep connection with Mother Earth is inspirational.  She is on top of the most current therapies for healing, I highly recommend Ula.  Deborah B. Los Angeles, CA


Hi Ula! I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful treatment I had with you - the Full Spirit Activation. It was very clearing and elevated my energy above all that doesn’t serve me. It seemed to dissolve and restructure my energy, turning up the volume, bringing huge clarity and I can see more clearly. You are a wonderful practitioner and I felt safe and looked after during the session. I would highly recommend this experience and I’m sure you will be very successful in your practice.  Thanks again, Karen, London, England


Ula is a caring and wonderful person who has great abilities. She is warm loving old soul with wonderful insights , intuitive creative healer with a vast array of knowledge from holistic healing to spiritual Quest. From my perspective you can tell the creativity nurturing healing abilities from their garden, and hers is luscious colorful and abound with produce!!!  Bill W, Long Island, NY


Ula always has the clients needs in mind. She will be most helpful to those she assists, and would anticipate their needs. She has always gone "above & beyond" to help others!  Sue G, Reading, PA


Lucyna Ula is a warm and caring individual. I was very fortunate to find such an experienced myofascial therapist after being involved in a serious car accident. Her treatments were very effective. She worked with me for over a year, always dependable, prompt, very professional. Her teachings on diet, stress, and self care were very helpful. She is very knowledgeable and loves healing. I would highly recommend her, she would be an asset to any practice. Denise H, Glenmore, PA


I feel blessed to have received etheric reconstruction from Ula! After my first session my head was sore for a couple of days, but that quickly dissipated. I followed instructions to rest and take care of myself. Shortly after, I began to notice an upsurge in my energy and I believe this procedure helped me to deepen my relationship with God. I have never felt so much love and ability to flow with life. During the second session I found myself experiencing the release of many feelings and emotions as you worked on me. In the following days I have felt so much lighter and freer; I seem to have greatly increased energy as a result! I love how I feel now. My meditations are deeper and I feel more deeply connected to the Source. I highly recommend these procedures to others. In fact, I spoke to others about and hope they will all follow through! Thanks once again. Andrea P, Pen Argyl, PA


I had two sessions of Emotional Releasing. Ula used sacred gems and stones and wands in my auric field. Sometimes I felt some tingling or pressures on my body as she restructured my auric field that contained old belief patterns. A major shift happened for me in how I was perceiving or holding on to other people's stuff. The big take away was the knowing that I can be happy and I don't have to buy into anyone else's stuff. That's huge for me because other people want to make us believe that it's their way or the highway. Now, I feel more like I can enjoy my life regardless of how someone else is projecting on to me. I can find more ways to allow myself to be in the moment and happy. Dee W, Easton, PA


I loved the class on the 12 races! I was amazed to dig deeper into the depths of knowledge about the other races. I feel closer to our brothers on the path we are traveling and look forward to increased contact as we learn to trust each other. Thanks. Shawn C. Harrisburg, PA


Receiving the Empower Thyself training has left me with much more than I had anticipated. I had been back and forth with the decision to move forward with the training,{for many reasons of uncertainly},but when I finally let go of all the excuses I clung to, all had opened up. The Energy, the Light and the Love, that flowed from Guides to Students, was truly one that can only be felt for one’s self. My "experience" during, and "experiences" of the after training, are ones that I will always truly treasure. Gifts come in many forms! It is sooo very amazing and beautiful, when we open ourselves to the "LOVE" of knowing that each and all beings deserve to be truly who we are........Beings of LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE AND JOY! heart, D.T. 


Ula is a phenomenal healer who went above and beyond. I was in great need when Ula had done healing work on me. Ula's gifted healing enabled me to regain my strength to walk after mercury poisoning symptoms had exacerbated, affecting my legs. Ula radiates love, compassion, and integrity in the purest.  Nancy Schaak, Boca Raton, FL 


Chrinic pain and sicomfort releasing:


I had chronic pains for years and I must confess that having Ula work on my body was like coming back from the dead.  Her style of working is fantastic. She would listen and then actually discover where the problems were more acute. Her communication with her client's body and mind is unbelievable...and next days after the session, I would feel that my body is younger and some years just flew away. Ula is a miracle worker!  Alice S. Quarryville, PA


So often I read testimonials and wonder just how true they are.  So it is with confidence and pride that I can tell anyone who reads this that all praise for Ula is genuine.  For several years she treated me with her myofascial therapy.  Previous to that she massaged me during my pregnancy.  Throughout both experiences my body relaxed under the control of her able hands.  And just as my body was soothed, so was my soul.  Her spirit and energy were soothing, peaceful, and insightful.  Anyone who gets the privilege to know and be treated by Ula, will be better for having that experience.   Jill G. Ambler, PA


Eight years ago, I was is a care accident that left me with soft tissue injuries. After following the protocol therapies for western medicine, I was still left with much pain and the limited use of upper body movement. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor that suggested alternative medicine, specifically Myofascial therapy.  Through spiritual guidance I met Ula who, trough her gift of healing, had me back in full working order, continuing my running weight training regime and "On the go" lifestyle.   Ula continues to heal me when I have recurrences and guides me to good health through her knowledge of many types of diet/alternative therapies that she has been educated in.  Ula is a truly gifted, and caring healer. I am blessed to have her in my life.   Denise H, Glenmore, PA 


I have known and worked with Ula and her hands, heart, and knowledge now for over 5 years.  I was diagnosed with scleroderma many moons ago and I suffer from great pain and loss of blood flow to my fingertips, especially when I am cold and/or stressed.  Winter months of cold and darkness are my hardest and most painful times.  The winters Ula has come to my home and worked with me on the table have been my easiest and least painful winters of them all.  Ula knows something.  I am not sure what it is she knows; she knows the ‘something’ that helps and allows us to heal and grow and love.  I would highly recommend working with her if your desire is to grow in your life, become more of who you are and to be a brighter light in this world and in your journey.  All sincerity.  Lisa U.  Collegeville, PA

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