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Blessings of May 5th, 2012


We all worked hard on making the shift happen and welcome the New Paradigm in our world. Please watch this heartwarming videos and get inspired: 2012 The Message of Hope and Awaken Evolution.

The Shift in human consciousness and our human souls to the new operating system on May 5th has happened!  WE did it!  Thank you so much for all you help with prayers, rituals, Facebook May 5th postings. WE are one family of Lightworkers and we just made sure we stay more connected to each other and to the Light.  It will be easier in the new paradigm to bring in lots of Light and Joy into this world to lift ourselves up and reinvent our Heaven on Earth.  Let us make it so.


We now have a chance to activate the new hardware and software needed for the Age of Aquarius for our new and improved Light Body. New activations and healings are available! So take advantage of the Life Activation and Galactic Activations and then treat yourself to the Starseed Healing and the Unified Chakra Awakening to help you wih the fater speed of processisnd and multitasking needed to keep up with all the energetic changes.  It seems our consciousness and mind structures are evolving faster than the physical body so we might struggle more but there is help available! This is especially needed for our young ones as the struggle with the transition from the old to the new paradigm in our world. Check out the King Salomon Healing Modality page for more information.


King Salomon and his team had the foresight to prepare us for our evolution in 2012 and the coming of the Age of Aquarius. They already offered the two Galactic healings: the Starseed Healing and the Unified Chakra Awakening, even though they did not have the Galactic Activation. So the healings had about 30% of their power. Now they have 100% power for those that receive the Galactic Activations of the 23rd and 24th code for our human DNA. Welcome to the New Paradigm!


Treat yourself and your children to these activation and healings. Make it easier to integrate the new energy structures and instructions how to use them so you and your loved ones can function at optimum as physical, emotional, soul and spirit frequencies in harmony with the new Earth. The world needs our full power to create good and share joy and love in our full intensity! 


Thank you. Blessed, be.


In joy, love and Light, Ula

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