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Natural Healing and Body Therapies


We customize healing, therapeutic and empowerment programs to help you restore your physical health and functionality of your body and mind with multi-faceted and functional approaches to releasing stored memories of bio-physical, electrical and chemical memories in your tissues. Consequently, you can restore your mobility, regain flexibility, and achieve a positive outlook on your life so you can ultimately return to your desired lifestyle. Energy Exchange $150/hr for in the office and varies for working in your home or place of work from a $20 increase within 30 minutes of travel and set up time to $50 for travel time up to 1 hr outside of the office and higher for longer distances. Adding the BEMER technology use and/or leaving our equipmet at site carries additional charges.


We can give you a choice to integrate various well-known physical and energy therapies as Acupressure, Cranio-sacral, Massage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, and Certified Prenatal Massage, to more advanced ancient energy healing modalities listed below.  Please scroll down the page for short descriptions. Energy Exchanges vary. We offer savings for combined services soplease inquire to customize them for your meeds.  In general, the more you bundle and prepay, the more you save between 10% to 30%.




We are also glad to make a BEMER mat and accessories available to you. The science behind it is based on a Bio Magnetic Energy Regulation, a European medical technology for enhancement in health, helping you keep you tissues regenerate to prevent diseases or heal chronic physycal pain or other health conditions. It offers the PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) signals in a cascading sine wave and pulse train, with reverse polarity every two minutes to help tissues heal. We have enjoyed our medical miracles for chronic conditions with immune disfunction, nerve regeneration, circulation and chronic pain the conventional medicine has failed, and offer little or nothing as recovery options.


The Bemer mat system and technology has been scientifically researched for decades to work effectively in many applications in medical and home setting, including supporting high intensity performance and recovery for Olympic athletes and NASA's astronauts.  Let us help you effectively maintain or restore your physical health with the BEMER mat using it for 8 or 15 minutes at a time. You can shoose your appointments at wither 15 or 30 minutes. The pricing: $30 for 15 min or $60 for 30 minutes. A package of 10 sessions prepaid can be purchased for $250. A weekely rental of the mat system including the Vet Horse Unit can also be available. Please inquire for specific packages.


For more information on th eunits and technology, go to Bemer Group, US. Contact us at 610 850-3319 for more information. schedule a session or a demo in your home. The health benefits are amazing so give it a try! 


For more information on the King Salomon Healing Modality and Spiritul Drug Detox, please go to their pages. Here is a list of energy healing and clearing modalities we offer:


Starseed Healing - Reorganizes the positive vibrations surrounding the human body that are lost on a daily basis. This distinctive healing utilizes crystals, chimes, and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize your body's energetic system. $250

  • Clears your mind clutter
  • Adjusts and balances your chakras and auric layers of energy
  • Connects you with all living things
  • Is especially beneficial for those who have been experiencing emotional release work

Unified Chakra Awakening - Activates a chakra system of 2,418 points. It connects and unifies all the energies of the light body with the physical body, providing you with a deeper connection to your spiritual essence. This healing will bring you to a peaceful state of mind as it fights apathy, and awakens your soul and nervous system. $250

  • Increase your spiritual awareness
  • Bring about a peaceful state of mind
  • Address apathy and low energy
  • Awaken your soul and nervous system
  • Increase the amount of light in your body

If prepaid, both Galactic Healings are offered as a package for $400, savings of $100


Jikiden Reiki - starts at the root of the Japanese "tree" of Reiki, which makes it far more precise, more powerful and authentic than the current systems taught in the West. It is gentle, helps your physical body and emotions to heal, can have detoxifying effects and, best of all, is effective either way - applied in person or long distance.  Energy Exchange $200/hr or $110 for half hour

Ensofic Ray Redirection -This modality flows Ensofic Ray to help you restore your energy field to a purer state and fill it with the 1st Ray of Creation, the highest vibration coming to our world.  E Exchange $200 an hour, $100 1/2 hr, $50 for 15 minutes


Ensofic Ray Healing Modality - In a series of 3 sessions, your mind, body and spirit get purified to their original state and all 12 Rays of Creation are restored in your energy field. You will have an easier access to your original Blueprint and many of the blocks from manifesting your divine plan will be eased or eliminated so you can fulfill it with greater ease and grace, and bring more love, joy and therefore abundance into your life. E Exch. $600 (3 sessions) - $ 250 for a single session


Emotional Cord Cutting and Negative Energy Removal - This Basic Energy Clearing and healing modality eliminates negative emotional attachments to people or experiences you may have had in the last seven years.  It also clears negative wishes others may have directed towards you.  It is very helpful in eliminating built-up emotional "baggage."  Energy Exchange $50 each modality. 


Combined Life Activation, Emotional Cord Release and Negative Energy Removal for $300, savings of $50


Purification by Light - This healing offers a powerful prayer to help you transform yourself to a more compassionate and wise being of Light. The prayer connects you to the power of the Divine Mother and Father and invites them to come in, purify and fill your body and mind with the Light. 15 minutes $100


Combined Emotional Cord Release, Negative Energy Removal and Purification by Light. 30 minutes $200 and if prepaid and combined with a Life Activation, $400, savings of $50


Isis Healing. Level 1 - This healing gathers our scattered energy so we can use our brain more easily, have better clarity and focus in our lives. It awakens old brain and it helps with emotional issues. Our emotional energy body is rejuvenated and vibrational energy is redirected to connect to the father, mother, existence, mystery and essence of life for a formula of success in our lives. 1 hour $200


Isis Healing Level 2 - This healing helps to create a new vibration within a physical body to give you more passion and way more vitality.  It redirects old vibrations towards the new one to synchronize the body with the soul, helping you get over the OLD and heal emotional wounds!  You can then create a more positive thought pattern and open up your 3rd eye.  Well, with all that you will get clarity about love energy and your clearer mind will help you bring an appropriate lover, if that is your wish.  If you have love flowing, more abundance will flow as well. 1 hour, $250  If both are prepaid, $400, savings of $50


Etheric Reconstruction, Level 1. We locate the areas in the 7 layers of aura where the energy flow from past traumatic experiences diminishes or blocks the flow of Light.  We then gently diffuse of remove them and fill them with Light with the help of crystal wands. The damage can be eased or eliminated, bringing healing and relief for a greater sense of freedom, happiness and vitality. E Exchange: $400 for 1st ER healing session including the Spagyric support formula, $300 for any subsequent ER healing sessions.


Celestial Region Etheric Reconstruction, Level 2. Crystal wands are used to help you decrease damage in your energy field and restore it to its original blueprint. E Exchange $250 if requested as a separate modality. If combined with a paid ER session, it can be discounted for a package of $600 for the two sessions, savings of $100


Negative Residue Removal  Etheric Reconstruction, Level 3. New! We go into the deeper etheric energy structures to clear old damage from trauma and help heal yourself and ancestral patterns. E Exchange $700, 2 two-hour sessions.


Spark of Life - This long distance healing will calm, balance, fill you up with the Source energy, activate the pure forces of creation and your original blueprint. It will ease the mind clutter so your stress will be easier to deal with and you will be able to manifest with more ease. 1 hour $200


Laser Light Healing - Laser Light is our new technology to help us balance the frequencies of our energy fields so we heal faster by balancing our harmonics and vibrations.  Energy Exchange $200/hr prorated


Kabalistic Healing - This healing will establish a deeper connection to God and the pattern of creation stored in each sphere on the Tree of Life.  We awake it, infuse it with Light, activate and balance the whole Tree.  In addition, the Heart Infusion invokes more joy in life helping to overcome sadness, negativity and heal past heart trauma.   Energy Exchange $200


Enochian Healing - We will use Enochian symbols and tones to redirect and balance your energy of body and soul, to connect to God and angels, to awaken the Holy Spirit within, to infuse your heart energy with joy and to seal and enhance your energy for good, joyful and peaceful life.   Energy Exchange $200


Aura Healing - We locate the areas in the aura where energy from past or current traumatic experiences has diminished or blocks the flow of Light.  We then seal them and fill them with Light so they can be healed to bring relief and a greater sense of freedom and vitality.  Energy Exchange $200/hr prorated  


7-Layer Aura Healing - Healing 7 Layers of Aura: the spirit, thinker, soul, astral, planning, dreamer, and action level will noticeably balance your energy, strengthen it and help you  to manifest your desires, fulfill goals and your mission in life.  It will enhance your belief in how sacred you and your body are so you can take better care of yourself, deepen your connections to your mind, soul and your divine blueprint with help of sacred geometry and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses $200


Cherubim  Healing - We connect you to Cherubim Angels, the Ray of Christ and Holy Mother Mary for blessing, healing and empowerment. ($200 hourly rate prorated). 


Crystal Healing and Reading - Crystals used will balance your Emotional, Mind, Physical Body, Internal Organ Challenges, Space Reversal, Time Enhancement, Pure Mind, Libido, Empowerment, Healing Old or New Wounds and For a Good Fortune!  You can ask the twin crystal “to read” your past or your future. ($200 hourly rate prorated).


Soul Retrieval - At certain times of intense, heavy thoughts, concepts and experiences of physical and emotional trauma, parts of the soul can get fragmented.  We call them back and assist you in receiving and accepting them to feel whole again. Energy Exchange $200


Space Alignment with Physical Body - You will feel more balanced in the 3D space you live in and all 7 directions for better focus, improved health, especially mental health, and for easier connection to spirit making if easier to create in the physical realm. ($200 hourly rate prorated) 


Etheric Reconstruction We locate the areas in the 7 layers of aura where the energy flow from past traumatic experiences diminishes or blocks the flow of Light.  We then gently diffuse or remove them and fill them with Light with the help of crystal wands. The damage can be eased or eliminated, bringing healing and relief for a greater sense of freedom, happiness and vitality.  E Exchange: $400 for 1st ER healing session including the Spagyric support formula, $350 for any subsequent ER healing sessions. Prepayment for 3 session is discounted to $1000 savings of $100


Celestial Region Etheric Reconstruction - E Exchange $250 if requested as a separate modality. If combined with a paid ER session, it can be discounted for a package of $550 for the two sessions.


We offer customized packages and savings for prepay of all services. Please inquire for your customized combinations, resulting in 10% – 20% discounts.


Healthy Living and Wellness Education - Your internal and external environment, conscious and unconscious patterns and habits create your physical and emotional health. We offer personalized assessment, advice and services in nutritional preferences and needs, supplements, and cleansing or fasting.  In addition we can advice on clearing space, blessing it, installing crystal grids for protection, bringing in specific energies and helping in manifestation into the physical or setting temples for increasing vibrational energy for special occasions. 


We can help with Feng Shui, eliminating EMF pollution, we can evaluate water and air purification methods, and offer wellness classes and inspirational events to educate you on your choices so you can enhance your lifestyle. Please check our Calendar of Events page for updates in our schedule or to make arrangements for hosting a talk or class in your home or place of work. Energy Exchange varies.


Certified by the Modern Mystery School:


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