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Oh, baby…                                                       Congratulations on having a child!

Thank you for bringing another Being of Light, to bless this world with his or her power, wisdom and joy of a choosing to create more peace. So let us help him or her the best experience of growth and learning!


I am so glad to bring Baby Blessing, an ancient and powerful healing, clearing and sealing ceremony to the world. Through it, a newborn or a young child is energetically cleared from “the seeds” negativity places into the Light Body at birth to “take roots” in the first 5 years of life. A child then can become more easily exposed, seduced and controlled by them to interact with the “poisons” of this world.  The ceremony eliminates “the seeds and roots” and a child is freed to grow to his or her full potential in good health, joy and safety of the loving family. The blessing also creates a shield of protection, which stays with him or her for the rest of life in this realm.  


The children who have the blessing done grow up with stronger stamina to maintain good physical and emotional health, develop quickly and show extraordinary abilities because they are more likely to listen to their own innate wisdom and strong intuition about how to be good humans.  Therefore, with a Baby Blessing, we give them a much better start in life and a chance to grow with more ease and grace into who they want to be, remember and live their Godliness and divine mission as well as enjoy their human experience in good physical, emotional, mental and psychic health.


Let us help them develop and maintain a strong connection to the Source, their own soul and spirit so their attempts to train their mind, maintain a healthy physical body, and keep an open heart are more successful. Let them inspire us and help this world as effective leaders so it can more easily become a more joyful and peaceful place to live for all Beings of Light. Let them become more skilled Lightworkers at restoring the balance that is possible but hard for us to achieve.


Can you imagine a world where kids grow up untouched and unaffected by negativity? Is has been a rare occurrence as most of the trained practitioners were eliminated from our world, especially in the Middle Ages. Therefore, nearly all of us have had those "seeds" grow in us into   “energetic poison ivy vines” so the toxins and poisons of this have a direct access to us and keep "limiting and strangling" us. Since we grow up with it from birth, we assume it is part of us. No, it is not. So that is the bad news.


Now for the good news. The Empowerment training and Initiation into the Lineage of King Salomon, possible after the age of 16, gives all of access to knowledge, power and tools to shake, rattle and roll that “vine” off! We can free ourselves and get out of the “Matrix of negativity!”  Please connect to your heart and soul to feel and understand the authentic power of these modalities. They are the strongest ones we have on the planet to free ourselves from the control negativity has on all of us until we say no more and do something about it that has the power to be effective! I want my freedom to choose for myself and to create a life worth living as my version of Heaven on Earth.  I, and all of us properly trained practitioners, can help you and your children have it too.


I have a renewed passion, excitement, gratitude and deeper understanding for why I trained so hard to be able to share these lineage teachings, healing work and empowerment tools with others, why they all work so well if we actually use these tools and find the strength to make shifts in our life for the better. I also have a deeper understanding why we would be discouraged and sabotaged from using them. “The Matrix” does not want us to “escape” but we can make it happen! 


I am so deeply grateful for your trust in me, my work and these powerful tools, for your courage to invest, train and share your power and Light with others to make this community heal and grow, as we contribute to the healing of this world. But most of all I am grateful for the joy you share back with me with stories of your healing and growth. 


The cost of the ceremony depends on circumstances.  My being available at delivery costs $3500 but is the best option for the child. However, it is not always possible with conditions of the chosen medical establishment and personnel present at birth.


For home birth with all those who assist and agree to the ceremony, the cost is $3000.


The earlier after birth the better so a home ceremony after birth is $2500. If parents would like to bless multiple children, the price goes down to $2000 per child.


If the parents would like to receive a Life Activation and invest in a future Empower Thyself Training and Initiation, combined services can be discounted as packages.


If any additional family members would like to be activated and empowered or heal with our lineage services, we offer additional bundled discounts so please look into your heart and feel what investment you would like to make.


The Baby Blessing fee has to be paid in full and in advance.  Please contact us for information, to schedule a consultation in person or to schedule and prepay for the ceremony.


Thank you for doing more to protect children in this world and help them grow into their potential with greater ease, joy and grace.  

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