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The Unity Center for Healing and Empowerment  610 850-3319

The Unity Center for Healing and Empowerment offers a wide range of services relating to health and wellness of mind, body, emotions, with strong soul and spirit connection. We can assist with activating your Light Body and share tools of empowerment. You can choose to better connect to your divinity, protect yourself, heal, create more peace and joy in life. We will help you heal and repair the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage so you can better enjoy the present and create a happy, healthy and abundant future by making better choices. Let us help you remember your Godliness, being eternal, galactic and share time-tested, true tools of self-healing and empowerment. To learn more, click here.

Where do you begin?


Meet us for a consultation at no charge, try a meditation or Chi - Life Force building class, activate your Light Body with a Life Activation, Full Spirit or Soul Activation, come in for healing of your physical, emotional, mental or soul body. Please consider investing in a true empowerment training. Let us share time-tested, powerful and effective tools for self-healing, connecting to your divinity, clearing negativity and filling up with Light, to help you create a life full of joy, passion and purpose.


If you would like to do something for your health, wellness, empowerment and optimal well-being, we can help with many effective professional services. We can help you reconnect with your mind, body and spirit to achieve sense of well being, safety, confidence, joy and abundance with a customized blend of healing modalities and universal spiritual traditions. We offer eastern and western styles of body therapies, wellness coaching and education, inspirational talks, camps, retreats, spiritual films, transformational activations, initiations and advanced spiritual training.

We want to help you empower yourself so you can create a life you desire and deserve. You can do it with more ease and grace once you tame and let go of negativity, clear and open the channels for creativity.  We can assist you to raise your awareness and awaken your hidden potential to work with your soul's purpose. Let us help you learn to connect to the Source energies for healing and sustainable manifestation of your desires, making them real in the physical.


We bring you a Life Activation, Empower Thyself Training and 1st Step Initiation, Emotional Cord Cuttings and Energy Clearing, Enochian, Kabbalistic, Angelic, and crystal healing modalities, Holistic Recovery methods and ancient activations, healing systems as well as advanced spiritual training.  We specialize in myofascial release, cranio-sacral, acupressure, reflexology, wellness coaching and education. We are PA, NJ and DE licensed massage therapists. 


For a more precise balancing of your environment we also offer services in Feng Shui,  space setting, clearing and  blessing.  Our offices are in Phoenixville and Schwenksville, PA. In addition, we are always glad to come to your place of work or home. 


Why Activate?


Activations help us have a fuller and easier access to the Source so it becomes more effortless to remember our divinity and receive reliable guidance. We are “dimmed down” to accept this physical body and this world. We grow into our awareness and can choose to activate the dormant energy structures we have on standby. They help us flow energy more effectively as we bring Light to this world. We can, therefore, make our human experience healthier, happier, more peaceful and abundant. 

The knowledge and tools of awakening to our full potential were kept safe for humanity in various ancient Mystery Schools. The Modern Mystery School in open to the public so we all can access this knowledge and choose to train to share it with others.  Let us help you restore your full divine power so you can make better choices, discern what this world means to you and how to use it to manifest your desires with more ease and grace.   


Choose to activate your divine blueprint inside your physical and spiritual DNA. Continue to activate more of your Light Body on a path of true empowerment to heal, balance and bring fulfillment to your life.  Join us to receive more clarity on your life path and purpose, to heighten your intuition by training your senses, and to access more of your true potential with tools of power given to humanity by Angels.

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